Friday, June 17, 2011

Good News!!!

I Got A Job!!!

It has been over 7 months, and they have not been the easiest months in the world. However, they have taught me a lot about who I am and what I really need and want in life. It has been eye opening.

Last Thursday, I learned that I would have one job interview on Monday afternoon. The next day, I did a phone interview and got called back for a face-to-face interview on Monday morning. Two interviews in one day. After the interviews, I had a preference of which job I would prefer and was super-excited to hear back from them. On Thursday, I found out I had not received one of the jobs. Shortly after that discovery, the job that I was excited about called me and asked me to come in for another interview. It was so exciting. They told me that I would hear back either that night or Friday morning. After 5, I determined it would be the next day because the office closes at 5. I got a call around 6:45 offering me the job! I am so excited and it is going to be a fabulous experience! I will be the Office Assistant for Kathy Kaye Foods! I start Monday!

It is such a blessing to get a job and I know that it is a direct result of all the prayers that have been made in my behalf during this time. Thank you all for your love and support and prayers!!! You are the greatest family and friends ever!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Falling Into Place

“Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

It seems like the past couple of months, things have been up in the air and, at times, I have seriously doubted if things were ever going to work out. It is hard to believe the peace that comes when they start. My life has gone from boring to exciting and fun. I am truly happy with the direction it is heading.

As mentioned in the previous post, I have started attending a family ward and it is amazing. I can now walk to church and also am ready to learn so much. It is great!

My internship is keeping me busy and I am developing a passion for the organization. This past week I was given the opportunity to teach future volunteers and train them. It was crazy to think that I could teach that after such a short time, but it was great!

On Wednesday, I was set apart as an ordinance worker for the temple and start bright and early on Saturday. When I say early, I mean 5 am. It is going to be fabulous and I am super-excited for the opportunity.

I had a phone interview for a job today and have another interview for a different job on Monday, with the possibility of another one next week. This is great because I was beginning to feel stagnant in the job hunt.

“God helps those who help themselves.” – Benjamin Franklin

It seems like I have been directed to do so many things lately and have had no clue why. Now, I am beginning to see what a blessing they were in my life and am so thankful for the time I have had to discover these blessings. However, I recognize that I need to keep working towards the goals I have and doing my best, so that the blessing will continue to come.