Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bunches of Birthdays

In my family, all of the kids birthdays are within a month time period of each other. Even more interesting is that Heather's birthday comes first and she is the oldest. Brady's comes last and he is the youngest. That puts mine in the middle. Honestly, growing up, March and April were fun times.
Now that we all live in different places, it has made it a bit more difficult to enjoy the birthday season with trying to figure out what to get them and how to get it there on time.
With that rant being said, the tradition continues with my roommate and me. It turns out that my roommate's birthday happens to be about 6 days before mine. That makes it fun. This year she happened to be out of town on her birthday, so her sister and I decided to decorate her room a little bit. She loves princess stuff, so I made her a princess kit, which was fun. We had cake and played with bubbles.

My birthday came after that and this year landed on a Saturday. My day started out at the temple (as does almost every Saturday morning). After that, I came home and responded to texts while opening my birthday presents that my parents had sent to me. Later that day, my friends Robert and Andrea put on a small birthday party for me complete with kites, bubbles (both big and small), food and fun. It was really nice and really laid back. At the end they made me into a burrito or something. Hhhmmm..... After that I came home and talked with family on the phone. My neighbor took me out for Gelato a little later, which was delicious. I got a root beer float type one. That evening, my roommate and her sister gave me a gift and we hung out for a while. Then it was time to quit celebrating and do some quick grocery shopping.

It was a great birthday season and I am blessed with amazing family and friends.I was going to put all the pictures on here, but there just isn't room in one post for that. Enjoy the chose ones! Ha ha Ha.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Stuff

As mentioned in the last post, I have a lot to blog about. First let me explain why the leave of absence from the blogging world. You see, my computer battery charger died. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but considering that was already my second charger and all, I decided it was time to upgrade. I am somewhat frugal with my money and so it took me a while to decide to what to do and how much to spend. Thank goodness for tax returns that came at just the right time. I ended up buying a new laptop!

It has been nice to have!

Also, the previous post mentioned new running shoes. Thanks to a good friend, I got a super-good deal on some my new running shoes. They are pretty stinking amazing. I have been able to run more with them (though not as frequent because I am still breaking them in). They are called Altras. The website is

Here is what my new shoes look like:

So super-excited about both of these things. They make me happy!!! :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

One Fine Day!

It seems like I have been MIA lately in the blogging world. I'll explain that in a later post, because I do have quite a bit to blog about from the past two months. However, I wanted to share my day today.

 Today I started a new schedule at work to help to prevent overtime. I think my boss finally got tired of me working an hour or two of overtime daily, so we trying to rearrange my schedule to prevent that. That means when I woke up this morning, I started with a workout and then got ready and went to work. For a Friday, things were going pretty smooth, which is super-nice. I got a text from a friend a couple hours before my lunch break about some running shoes that I had ordered and was waiting on. Turns out, they no longer had the ones I ordered in my size. Sad. :( I was sad, disappointed, but not beaten. I decided that I would go and try on some other ones and choose out another pair and accept that.

My lunch break consisted of a car payment and then heading over to resolve the great shoe dilemma (as it was known at that point). My friend met me outside. When we went in, we talked to the people at the front desk about all of my options. They mentioned that they had the ones on display, of the kind I liked, that I could take at that point. Long story, short, I got my new running shoes and they are exactly the ones that I wanted!!! They are so great! Upon leaving the store, I thought how happy that made me. My friend and I stood outside and talked for a while.

At this point, it might be important to note that I am a huge people watcher. So, as we were talking, I noticed that someone had removed a reserved cone and a car pulled into that spot. It seemed like that person was someone important. Trying not to stare, I glanced over and thought that I knew who that person was. After a second glance, I realized I knew who it was and told my friend who I saw. She got super-excited and once she saw who it was, she dragged me over to..........


 He was there with his wife. We were able to shake hands with him and talk for a few minutes. Oh my goodness! It was the absolute best moment of the day, week, etc. His cute wife waved to use as they walked away and we walked away. This kind of taught me that true happiness is not in getting the shoes that you wanted and that is something that is definitely not worth getting upset over. They are far greater and more important things that bring true happiness. Many of those cane be found in the gospel and the church. So Amazing! I was shaking from excitement.

When I got back to work, I couldn't help but share my story with my co-workers. I finally calmed down and got started working, when one of our trucking reps came in to talk to me (as I am over shipping). Once I entered into where he was, he lifted up a bag of Ice Cream bars. It wasn't just a small bag either. It had Creamies and Haagen Das ones. I got to deliver those to those who were working and have one too (which is good because I totally forgot to eat lunch on my break).

Other than that I went to a reception, spent the evening with some amazing friends and made cookie bars. 

This was one FABULOUS day!