Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Blessings of Adventures

This is going to be a little more serious and reflective, so if you are not into that kind of stuff, don't read it. I will try to come up with something more exciting and fun for the next one.
I was super excited to have a three day weekend. I did not have many plans and I was going to be completely spontaneous. I ended up having an adventure. I was pretty shook up when it was over, but since I have had some time to reflect on that. I know that God loves us. He will make sure that we are safe and protected. He will find little ways to answer our biggest prayers and let us know that we are doing fine. I am so grateful for his hand in everything that I do and how it helps me to realize that he is always close by. There have been moments when I have wondered if I will ever really know what I am suppose to do. Those are the moments when he sends me a tender mercy and lets me know that he is ever mindful and aware of me.
I look back at the experiences and smile. It showed my that "God Must Really Love Me" and will take over when we let go because we cannot do it alone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hairy Details

DISCLAIMER: I am not very photogenic, but these pictures are being posted at the request of my sister.

For the past couple of months, I have wanted to get my hair trimmed or cut or something a little bit different. This week it began to drive me nuts and I made the decision that it had to go. I went a couple times this week and the girl who was going to cut it was never working. I finally got there when she was working and at that point I was not sure what I wanted to get done. I was debating between a trim, with a different style and keeping it long, or chopping it.

Here is a before the cut picture:

These are pictures of the after:

This is the new do with bangs and all. It is amazing to have a picture with the bangs and not having the in my eyes or face.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Unsinkable and Unforgettable

This weekend was super busy for me and in the craziness of the days, I forgot my camera. Saturday was a great day. I attended a baptism which always makes my days betters and then I got to go to Idaho Falls. A friend and I went to the museum there to see the Titanic exhibit. It was such a neat experience. Upon entering the museum we were given a ticket and a boarding pass. On our boarding pass was the name of someone who was aboard the Titanic. It gave information about that person such as why they were traveling, what class they were, their age, etc. It was even clear enough to give a cabin number for some of the people. My pass was for a 61 year old man from Norway who was going to the U.S. to finish up some business in North Dakota. That would allow him to live in Norway with his wife and the twins that were born one-year prior.
After looking at some of the actual artifacts that were found after the shipwreck, seeing the set-up of the rooms, menus, and experiencing the cold temperature of an ice berg, we came to a wall. On that wall were the names of all those aboard the Titanic and whether the lived or died.
It was such a good experience and one that I will not forget. If you are ever in Idaho Falls and needing something to do, or are even in the area, I highly recommend this.