Sunday, July 12, 2015

What a Month!!!!

A lot has happened over the past month, and I haven't been the best at chronicling it. I will try to give you a brief update here, that may end up, not so brief.


At the beginning of June, I got sick. I was pretty sure it was a cold. I woke up one morning, and felt it in my chest. I went to the doctor and was told it was a bronchial virus. I went and picked up an inhaler, which the first pharmacy didn't have, so they sent me to another one, and began to take it easy. Two weeks later, I wasn't getting better, at all. So I went to a different doctor. She told me it was probably still viral but wanted me to come back in a couple days, to listen to me breath and such. She also gave me a few meds. When I went back, the coughing had gotten worse and she became very concerned. She began running test, and was pretty sure I had whooping cough. That was scary. She basically told me I couldn't do anything or go anywhere until the test results came back. She also doubled my dosage on the antibiotic I was on. When I went back in, all the test had come back negative and I was told I was better, even though I looked like death. Come to find out, I may have been better, but my body was not (and still is not) healing properly from the sickness. Oh joy.


Of course, the above, really put me behind on my half marathon training. I struggled having enough energy to get through work, let alone exercise after. I could barely breath too, so I didn't do much. I even missed a 5K that I was scheduled to run. I would have died. This past week, I had a little more energy, so I decided that I would go to the gym on a Saturday to see what I could do. I didn't want to be stranded somewhere if I couldn't make it back. I may have pushed myself a tad to much, but I was able to run some, and walk some. I didn't die. Now, I have six weeks before the half marathon, and so without pushing myself too much, the training is going to get intense.


During the course of all of this, I found out I needed to move. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have and the help they gave me. Because of them, I was able to find a place, pack my stuff, have it moved from points a, b, and c, and I am now living in a new, wonderful place. I couldn't have done it without the amazing people around me, because I really couldn't do much. A special thanks to my old roommates, the people who helped me move, my friends who let me stay at their place for a few days, and especially my Dad, who drove down from Idaho, to bring his truck and help me move. I couldn't have done this without all the help. So blessed!


My work has been so patient with me. I am in a really good place. At the beginning of the month, we had three new people start to help with data entry. They kept things going while I was unable to. During this month, I was told that my position would be changing but we couldn't really do training until things were better for me health-wise. As of July 1st, my duties changed. I have gone through some training this past week and am going to be busy. It will be fun though, and a new experience for sure.


I did have a chance to spend some time with my sister, even though I almost died at one point. She and her family came down to Utah and I met up with them for a bit. That was a time of pure happiness and let me tell you, hugs from family are the best. In an effort to force myself to relax, I went up to Poky for Independence Day. I was able to talk with my brother and dad a bit. I seriously think that family is some of the best medicine. I have also been able to make, see and catch up with so many friends. These people are my rocks. I couldn't have survived this past month without them. From checking in with me in text, to visits, to help, to being understanding of my and my situations, to catching up, and relaxing with me. You are ALL the best friends anyone could have. Love you all!

I may be missing something. If so, you can ask I and I will answer.... maybe. Ha Ha Ha. This is why you haven't seen me much. July will be so much better. I am ready to enjoy summer! :D