Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Day Off.......

In case you weren't aware, life has been absolutely crazy, to the point that there hasn't been time for resting. Work has been so busy. Last week, one of my bosses and I discussed me getting a day off and decided it needed to happen the next week. By Saturday night, I had figured out that Wednesday would be the best day for it.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling blah. Yup, that's right, I got sick again. I have a cold. Ha Ha. It is not as bad as last time though. My other boss and I were talking and I mentioned to him about a day off and it was set. I finally got a day off!!!

This morning, I stayed in bed until I was ready to wake up. I made pancakes for breakfast. My next adventure was going to the DMV. I had scheduled an appointment so that I wouldn't have to wait. Where I was getting a license for a new state, I had to take a test and get a new picture, Both which are blah things for me. The test was open-book, thank goodness and the best news is that I passed with a 100%. The sad news is that the guy taking the picture took a couple of pictures and we couldn't get one where I don't look sick. Ha Ha. It will be a memory each time I look at it.

A friend came over and we watched a movie and chilled, which is always nice.

There was quite a bit of time for resting, which is something that I haven't been doing at all lately. I have been able to wear exercise pants and a t-shirt, without any shoes and slipper socks. FABULOUS!!!!

Tonight I will continue this amazing, relaxing day by getting my my hair done. Woo Hoo!!!

The only problem is that having a day off could be very addicting. I honestly miss having a day like this every once in a while. It doesn't need to happen every day, but more frequently would be nice. :D

Friday, February 17, 2012


Lately I have found myself saying things and people not understanding what they mean. Because of this, I have decided to make a list of Whitney-isms, with definitions, so that people understand me a little bit better (since I have a hard time explaining it to them when the words come out).

So – This is a way to start a thought or sentence or anything. It is the perfect way to start speaking and giving one a little more time to think and formulate what they are saying.

“We need to be friends” – This is a common phrase meaning that “we” need to do something and soon because you are a completely fun person and are already considered a friend.

“I’m good with whatever” – This mean the really is no preference and that no strong opinion is had on the point at hand.

“Whatever” – Is a way to end or solve an argument or contentious situation without being to rude. Warning: If this one is said with a raw edge in the voice it usually means it’s time to end the argument but it doesn’t mean it is solved.

Silly – A multi-faceted word that means anything from crazy, awkward, fun, funny, and more. This is always used in a friendly way and not to downgrade a person or situation.

Kid – This ranges from people age 0-50* (or older, not sure). This term applies to a person with whom there is a fun relationship (age doesn’t matter) and is usually said with a word like silly or good in front. It is commonly used as a term of endearment. Good to use with those who are kids at heart as well. Be careful how it’s used. Others could be offended if they are not learned in Whitney-isms. *The age is not set on this one.

“Well ya know” – A way of adding more humor to a situation that may have started out pretty funny to begin with. Also, it’s a way to accept a compliment without completely agreeing to what was said; basically a way to stay positive and upbeat.

Honestly – This is a bit self-explanatory but means be 100% completely, entirely and unwaveringly certain. This can be a precursor to a statement that will be revealing something that may not be expected or to show ahead of time that the following statement is the truth. The precursor usually comes at the beginning of a sentence.

"Just Sayin'" - Significant that an opinion is being stated and that someone can either agree or disagree. The statement was said just to put it out there.

This is just a short list for now. I will continue gathering these and let you know once there are more. Let me know if there are any others you can think of, that might need some explaining. Hopefully this helps you understand me a little bit better. :D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me and My Girls!!!

A couple weekends ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with some really great friends. It was the first time in a long time that all six of us were able to be there. It was so much fun to catch up on life with stories of all of our fun and crazy happenings. This time we met up in Pocatello. There was good food and great conversation.

Here we are looking just as cool as ever.

This is the only picture that I got, but others were taken. Thanks girls for everything!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Help Please

This is hard for me to post, but here it goes. The past couple of weeks have been really rough on me. My sister has been one of the biggest helps through this whole thing and I cannot thank her enough. Seriously. She has suggested to me to find my strengths and focus on those instead of the weaknesses and imperfections that have been my focus and are certainly plentiful. She has encouraged me to make a list of those strengths to look at when I feel this way. Sad as it seems, these are super-difficult for me to see. So, my dear friends, I am asking for a little help. If you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment or sending me an email or message or text or something to help me identify my strengths, that would be GREAT! Your helped is much needed and will be very much appreciated. Thanks!