Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whitney's Whisperings

I've been spending time with an amazing family lately. They have been such wonderful helps and understanding and fun and exciting and lights in my life and so much more. One day, while talking with the girls, they decided that I needed to start a blog called Whitney's Whisperings to go with my new voice. Since I already have this blog, I have decided just to do a post about my whisperings.

It is quite interesting to see peoples reactions when I whisper. Even people who know the situation. I have been told I sounds mischievous. Others tell me it's exciting when someone whispers. I've been told I have the perfect temple voice. Last night, I got told it sounded like I was gossiping. It is interesting how many people whisper back to me and how many times I get asked why we are whispering.

So, what have I been whispering about lately? So many things.


In case you've forgotten, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday ever! There is something about it that makes me happy. I am lucky to live in a place that shoots off fireworks the night before, because that means I get to see at least 2 sets of fireworks each year! This year, I was able to watch the fireworks with some friends here. After, we went and had a picnic and talked until late. It was good times. On the 4th, I had the opportunity to head home and spend some time with the padres and my sister and her fam. We went to a parade, played in the water, picnicked in the backyard, and went and saw fireworks. We almost didn't get to see the fireworks, because there was a lovely wind storm that came through right before they started and delayed them for an hour. So grateful that we got to see them. The rest of the weekend was good family time too. Love my family and so glad I could see or talk to all of them that weekend.


One of my most favorite whisperings, is my new motto for life. You see, my life was very difficult and it seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong. There was very little joy. However, in the midst of all of these trials, a wonderful experience, which brought to mind a new motto. Are you ready? Here it goes:

1. Trust God
2. Care for Self
3. Serve Others
4. Enjoy Life

I could do a whole post or 5 on this motor but believe me, it has made a huge difference. I have also set some daily goals to help me in these areas. At the end of each night, I take inventory of how I've done and what I need to do better. I also try to focus and look for something good each day and write it down. These range from the kid in the car in front of me making animals with his hands to enjoying a favorite treat. It's been fun!


I'm the type to over think things...... a lot! It drives me crazy. However, next Thursday (almost a week away), I will have a stroboscopy, or a scope on my vocal cords. I'm not completely sure what to expect to be honest. I have researched it quite a bit. Some things I've read said you need to have a healthy voice for the study. My voice is not there yet. The scope itself shouldn't take too long (15 minutes is what I'm thinking), but the appointment could be a lot longer because afterwards, the speech therapist, the doctor, my parents (who are amazing and coming down for the appointment), and me will discuss options. My biggest whisper on this one is hoping that I get some type of answer or find something that can be done.


It is blasted hard to be social without a voice. Just saying. My attempts haven't been the most successful, but are getting better. It is difficult to be in large groups or noisy places, but there is still so much that can be done. My recent adventures include a birthday party, fireworks (of course), swimming, dance party, FHE, dinners, cave exploring, hiking, movies, Girls Camp, and more. I'm trying to do at least one fun or random thing a day because it keeps life interesting. I can be social, it just takes patience from myself and others. It's been fun to see how many people whisper back to me when I whisper to them.


I tend to get new favorite things and that's all I want. Bread pretty much remains a staple favorite. Lately though, even with the temperatures being so warm, or rather hot, I have been craving soup of all things. It's all I wanted for a good two or three weeks. Let me tell you, I love soup. I've even had some great friends who will eat soup with me. Another thing that has become a favorite lately is donuts. Most any kind is yummy, but lately it has been the old-fashion cake-like ones. So good! Another thing is Fruit Buddy packs. These are made of real fruit and pretty much just fruit, which means a healthy option for me! The mix and puree it. They come in a pouch so you can drink them and it is like an applesauce, but yummier. One last thing. Black Forest Fruit Snacks. They are delicious. I am a fruit snacks fan anyway but these have a juicy fruit gel in the center and are so much better than regular fruit snacks.

So, I guess I should whisper in moderation, but these are a few of the things I've been whispering about lately. Life isn't so bad in the quiet lane. There is so much to observe, see, do and learn. More whisperings to come, I'm sure. :)