Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude

Many people, throughout the month of November, post daily on Facebook about things for which they are grateful. I am a fan of focusing on gratitude, but I thought I would do it my own way. There are some traditional ones, but I wanted to keep them unique too. Here is My Thankful List.

NOVEMBER 1, 2013

Cough medicine that lets me get a few more hours of sleep.
Studio C that adds some comedy to a sick day.

Wonderful people who help me do things that I really can't do.

NOVEMBER 2, 2013

Friends who force me to eat, even when I really don't want to.
Opportunities to be happy and laugh when I am not feeling well.

NOVEMBER 3, 2013

Amazing messages of motivation from stake conference and the CES fireside.
Getting my appetite back.

NOVEMBER 4, 2013

Cute little kids. I coughed while watching a little boy. He looked at and said in his sweetest voice, "Bless you Whitney". Adorable!!! Totally made my day.

Random experiences. For examples,  that moment you are listening to instrumental version of the battle on Beauty and the Beast and through the window on your back door you see someone climbing a ladder. You feel like you are in the movie for a moment, only to realize that is one of the guys working on the roof.

NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Our weekly mutual activity and homemade mashed potatoes.
Knowing that people want me to work for them, even though I can't.

NOVEMBER 6, 2013

Noodles - Enough said
Amazing Roommate who makes me laugh. :)

NOVEMBER 7, 2013

Great brotherly advice
Accomplishing everything on my list of things to do.

NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Staying busy
Good friends from younger years. So glad we can stay friends even though we're in different situations in life and in different places.

NOVEMBER 9, 2013

Smells that are comforting
Opportunities to meet new people and feel social.

NOVEMBER 10, 2013

Primary Programs
Walks with friends on nice November nights
Planning random road trips

NOVEMBER 11, 2013

All the veterans, especially my Grandpa Parkin
Playing in the leaves with a cute little girl, making me feel like a kid again! :)

NOVEMBER 12, 2013

The wonderful people I serve with who I can also call friends.
Feeling the spirit.
Being told that the program you helped put together was the best one someone had ever been too.

NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Roommate dates in the middle of a crazy week.
Watching a favorite movie and being able to quote lines and songs (Today's favorite: Hercules!)

NOVEMBER 14, 2013

My amazing voice therapist who has helped me in so many ways.
Good talks with the most amazing sister!

NOVEMBER 15, 2013

Temple time with amazing friends.
Authentic Mexican food.

NOVEMBER 16, 2013

Getting mail and thinking it may be bad news, only to find that it is great news!

NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Spiritually uplifting days.
Hilary Weeks.

NOVEMBER 18, 2013

A full day of work
Good workouts

NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Random fits of laughter
Good news about Thanksgiving

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Service opportunities
Real mashed potatoes

NOVEMBER 21, 2013

My sister and brother. (They are pretty much awesome)!
Online typing tests

NOVEMBER 22,2013

Opportunities for income
Cute little kids who make me smile

NOVEMBER 23, 2013

Polynesian dancing by kids
Sister Jensen, my friend and laughter source in the temple!

NOVEMBER 24, 2013

The wonderful friends in my ward.
Time Out For Women

NOVEMBER 25, 2013

New adventures of driving mini-vans
Little answers to prayers

NOVEMBER 26, 2013

Visit from a former young woman back from college
Private dance party for myself while cleaning and cooking

NOVEMBER 27, 2013

The patience, support, & help from everyone at Intermountain Voice & Swallowing Center who have been there during this whole experience.

NOVEMBER 28, 2013

Being with my family and enjoying their company.
My family
Quiet moments of pondering.

NOVEMBER 29, 2013

Priesthood Blessings
Good books that pull you in immediately

NOVEMBER 30, 2013

My favorite sweat pants
The Atonement

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Crazy Busy Week

Have you ever wondered what a crazy-busy week is like? We've all had them, I'm sure. However, this past week was one of those where I wondered if I would ever stop or rest. Here is what happened in my week (Sunday to Sunday), in no particular order.

  • Babysat a couple of times for a few different people
  • Crafted name card displays
  • Church
  • Visiting Teaching
  • Meeting
  • Gather and find costumes
  • Cake consulting
  • Night of Excellence preparations
  • Night of Excellence
  • Cleaning
  • Respite work
  • Helped a Friend
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Roommate Date
  • Therapy for fake (wrong place)
  • Therapy for real
  • Bank
  • Chauffeur for a few young women
  • Logan temple for initiatories
  • Salt Lake temple for the same
  • Worked at the Logan temple
  • Made brownies
  • Ice Cream Party with friends
  • Girl's Night with High School Friends
  • Make 2 different kinds of soup
  • Attending my friend's talk in her YSA ward
  • Luncheon
  • Attending my friend's talk in her family ward
  • Tithing Settlement
  • Fireside
  • Help a Family
  • Home Teachers
  • Watched Tangled and Hercules
  • Workouts 
There was probably more, but I really don't remember. What I do know is was a crazy, crazy week. It brought many miracles and good things. It was emotional. It was fun. It was exhausting. It was productive. It was long. It is over!