Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lots of Work

Last weekend was a little bit crazy. I went to Logan so that I could go to the temple, because the Idaho Falls temple is closed. My plan was to leave around noon. That did not happened and it was more like 1:30ish. I was a little nervous about the roads but they were fine although it was snowing here all day Saturday. Coming home the next day was a little bit more eventful. My sister has called warning me that a storm had hit where she lives and it was heading west. The drive home was an adventure in itself. There was tons of snow, low visibility, and truckers thinking that they owned the road. I was not going that slow. A couple of them were taking up their lane and half of mine. Oh well, life goes on and I got home with a tension headache. What was I going to do to keep this off of my mind. That is right......WORK. I have been working a lot lately and I am not complaining. I love keeping busy and feeling like I am doing something productive with my life. That is my life right now. I wake up, go to work, take a break, go to work, get home and do whatever the night schedule is. This week it ranged from Home Evening to helping the sister missionaries in my ward. Thank goodness for the weekend, maybe I will relax. Well, gotta run!;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do I Look Like I Am Made of Money?????

I think everyone has gotten word that I am working more hours because they all think that I am made of money. Granted, some of it is my own problems, but I have got some fun expenses coming up. I needed new tires, my back brakes are shot, and my doctor's bill form the beginning of November just came yesterday. I am pretty stingy with money so these expenses are a shock. I went and got the tires changed this morning. I was quoted one price and they told me it was going to be more. Once I told them the price I was quoted and who quoted me that price he said he would work it out. The final cost $332.17. YIKES!!! I had them look at my brakes and to my relief, only the back ones need changed. Therefore, it will be cheaper than what I thought it would be. YEAH!!!! My doctor must think I am made of money because his bill was not the smallest, or maybe that is just how they charge. (Probably, and I am just being a baby.) I am glad I working lots because I cannot believe how expensive things can be. Basically, my whole pay check, except tithing is going for my car and I do not get paid again until the end of the month. I guess I will just have to find some fun, cheap things to while I wait. Any Suggestions?????

Monday, January 5, 2009

Three No More....Now He's Four!

This is a little bit out of order but it is only fair that I post this now. My oldest nephew is turning four. His fourth birthday is January 6th. We spent the weekend as a family celebrating his birthday. On Saturday, Heather had a little birthday party for him. He was very excited and happy. After that the family hopped in the van and went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a lot of fun.
This is Carson. He got the hat at his birthday party. he would not take it off all night. He loved going on the slide and playing all of the games that were there. Happy Birthday little buddy. I had a great time playing with you this weekend.

Heather enjoyed playing skee ball and was very good at that.Her husband loves basketball and I got this action shot of him earning tickets.

Nana and Tanner had some fun times too!
Grandpa was the onlooker for the evening. We had a great weekend. Once again Happy Birthday Carson.