Thursday, February 27, 2014

When I Grow Up

On May 28, 2013, I lost my voice and it has yet to completely return, though it is getting closer every day. However, because of the voice, I have started a program called Vocational Rehabilitation. This means that through the services provided, they will help me figure out a career path and find a job. This process has been quite interesting. At the beginning of February, I participated in multiple assessments to help me to learn more about my self, my interests, and what fields would be the most successful for me or where I would be happiest.

I got the report back today on the results of those assessments. I was given homework to figure out which field or what career I would like to focus on. I am my harshest critic, and because of that, choosing a new career path is daunting. I looked at some of the recommendations and am starting to consider which field. It is hard to see myself doing these things, in ways. Yet, in other ways, many of these intrigue me. Because of this, I'd like to ask for your help. Below are some of the options that I am considering.

~ Dietician
~ Pharmacist
~ Physical Therapist
~ Radiologic Tech
~ Athletic Trainer
~ Counselor - Chem. Dep.
~ Guidance Counselor
~ Nurse Aide
~ Occupational Therapist
~ Private Investigator  (Hee Hee Hee)
~ Travel Agent
~ Court Reporter
~ Data Input Operator
~ Medical Assistant
~ Pharmacy Tech
~ Writer

Here's where you come in. I'd like to make this a requirement for anyone who reads this, but I don't want to force you. I really am not that way. However, your input would be appreciated and much needed. Please comment below, send me an email, a message or comment on the facebook post to let me know what you think. I know that the ultimate decision is mine but I feel like others see what I would be good at, more than I do. I have cut out some of the jobs that were listed because they are ones that I feel would not be a good fit for me or I just would not enjoy.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Whirlwind Week

Last weekend, I was getting pretty frustrated and discouraged. I had set a goal to make it outside at least once a day. Saturday, I did a lot more than usual and completely paid the price. It was a bit discouraging. Enough so that I began to think about and attempt to explore other options or look for ways to get answers before my appointment on the 18th.

On Sunday, I talked through these options with a few people and even asked one for contact information to set an appointment. By that evening, I was feeling pretty good about everything and was just waiting for everything I needed to get an new appointment set.

Monday, I was going to take it easy because I was determined to make a bigger outing on Tuesday. As I sat relaxing, I got a phone call from the GI telling me they had a cancellation and they had an appointment that day in 45 minutes that I could have. To say I was excited, was an understatement. I got to the appointment and ended up waiting for the doctor for a while. He came in a reviewed everything with me, clear back to procedures done in 2007. After talking and looking at all my results, he sent me down for blood tests and three different ultrasound tests. The ultrasound tech was the same guy who had done my ultrasound a few weeks earlier and he remembered me. When he finished the ultrasounds it was about 4:55 pm. I told him the doctor had me going right back up to him and was wanting to review everything. I went back up to his office and they put me in a room while they waited and reviewed all the tests. He came in gave me a phone number and told me he wanted me to call and see this surgeon first thing the next morning and told me he thought I needed my gall bladder and appendix out. The ultrasound report showed that they could not find my appendix at all.

First thing Tuesday morning, I called the surgeon's office and set an appointment. I went in for that appointment and talked with the surgeon. After a discussion and examination, he told me he 90-95% sure that it was my gall bladder and that he wanted to take it out. After working out a few things and making a few phone calls, the surgery was set of the next day. That meant I needed to head over to the hospital and do my pre-registration and pre-op work. When I got home, I started contacting people and making arrangements for the next day. As my pre-op rebellion, I went to New Beginnings that night because my young women mean the world to me and I wanted to be there to support them.

On Wednesday, my parents showed up and we got things in order for the surgery. It was originally scheduled for 11 am, but it got moved back to 1:45. Before going, my dad gave me a priesthood blessing to help me during the surgery. We arrived early, which was fine, they put me back in my room and we were able to get situated and relaxed in the room. As they time drew nearer, I had moments of anxiousness. I had no clue what to expect. The hooked me up to IVs and asked me questions. The surgeon had a surgery at another hospital right before mine, so was running late. Once he got there, things went full speed. He talked to us for a few minutes, then I was off. I was really nervous, but was out before I knew it. After the operation, I really don't remember a ton. I wasn't funny, which was kind of disappointing. I was more passive saying "I don't know" to basically everything. I was released later that day and sent home to recover.

My parents were so great and they spent that night and the next day with me. They pushed me to drink, attempt to eat a few things, and walk or be upright more than I would have on my own. They were great in helping me with cooking and cleaning. I am so grateful that they were here for me, I could not have done it without them. By the time they left, I was able to walk by myself for a short distance and was a little less out of it. I had made arrangements for a friend to stay the night with me because the middle of the night bathroom runs worried me and it would help to have someone there. It was more a comfort blanket than anything but it really did help.

Each day I am seeing improvements, which is exciting. I was surprised and grateful for the visits on Valentine's Day. I was expecting to spend most all of that day by myself. However, good people showed up and brought me cheer and helped to lift my spirits. It was really a nice day. I had a few visitors on Saturday and was able to be more independent than the other days. This seems to be the pattern right now and I can't help but be extremely grateful for all the support and help I have received. I am very hopeful that this truly was the answer and that my life will be back to "normal" soon, whatever normal means. :)