Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Gems of Laughter

These past couple of weeks have been very educational. Seriously. Just wanted to share a few of the gems that I have learned and that have made me laugh.

GEM #1

Apparently, I am married. (Not sure why I didn't tell you all or even how I didn't know that). A patron at the temple stopped me one day and told me I was married and wanted to give me some advice for my "husband". I explained to her that I was single. She asked if I was sure and told me which person she was talking about. Wow!  Once I got back to the worker area, I started to laugh. Glad to have gotten the news that way. If anyone is wondering planning a wedding, getting married and living married life is no different than single life for me.

GEM #2

I need a personal assistant. Without a voice, you have people make many random comments or ask questions about your voice. I'm learning how to deal with those questions with truth and humor. One night, I was talking to someone who said sorry about my voice and continued by saying that he/she would be my personal assistant. The job would consist of making and taking all my phone calls, discussing them with me and helping me out with all of that. Ha Ha. Good idea! It doesn't pay, except with having a the marvelous opportunity to be around me quite a bit. Any takers?

GEM #3

I've changed groups at the temple, without remembering. Last week, a couple of sisters from the group after mine waved me over as I was going to do my last task of the day. When I got over there they asked when me I changed groups. I gave them a confused look. Apparently I started in Group 8 and not Group 7 and switched. Not sure why I don't remember this. I could have sworn that I have been waking up early almost every Saturday for the past 2 years. Guess that memory loss is setting in early for me. Ha Ha.

GEM #4

There may be more truth to my movie post than I thought. I was at a combined activity for some YSA wards in the Salt Lake area. Someone passed me, asked me a questions, and after I responded quickly something to the affect like "Hey, you don't have a voice. Is your name Ariel?" Ha Ha. I couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't a mocking laugh, but more of a "I was right and this is proof" laugh. Needless to say it made my friend next to me start laughing too. It was a good beginning to the evening.

GEM #5

Best Homework ever: Throwing breakable dishes off a cliff or rocks. This is a true. Apparently it is supposed to help get rid of frustration and anger, which is great for people like me, who keep their emotions and feelings inside quite a bit. I think I will stick with throwing rocks, because I don't want to go buy dishes just to throw and break them. What a waste of money. Even though, as I write this, the thought of throwing something and breaking it kind of sounds fun. Maybe I should go buy some water balloons or something. 

GEM #6

A calling could be issued to marry me. I know what you're thinking. Wait! I thought you were married already. I guess not. Maybe to the patrons I am married but to the workers I'm not. My group coordinator came up to me and told me that a certain person in a leadership role in the temple is highly considering extending a calling to someone to marry me. Hhhmmm..... Not so sure how to feel about this. Ha Ha. I didn't know there was authority to do that. I wouldn't mind the help for sure, and clearly the guy would have to accept the calling so he'd have a choice or a say in the matter. (In case you couldn't tell, this is not serious. This was a joke. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously but it was somewhat humorous, which is why I shared it.)

GEM #7

Posture gives you away. For example, In Hawaii last February, I'd been on a crowded bus with tourist from everywhere. Once we got to our destination, we all went our separate ways. I ran in to a few of them and we talked for a bit. The subject of ballet came up. The lady from Guernsey asked if I was a dancer, because I stood and held myself like one. That was neat, but I thought it was just a coincidence. At therapy the other day, the therapist had me sit up from the massage and stimulation portion. After I sat up, she immediately asked if I was a dancer. I said I was. She said she could tell because I have great posture. Ha ha. People who have seen me at home may argue with this because in that environment, I slouch and sprawl. :) What does your posture give away about you?