Friday, December 5, 2014

Full of Gratitude

Last year, I was on top of life and kept a list of things I was grateful for, throughout the whole month of November. This year, I did not such things. I hadn't focused much on gratitude to be perfectly honest. In fact, I wasn't sure I was going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year because going home wasn't seeming like an option. With my job, we had Thanksgiving off, but that's it. Up until a week or a week and a half before, I still didn't know if I was going to have the day after Thanksgiving off. Ironically, it didn't bother me too much except I wouldn't see my family. I brushed that one to the side saying that there was always Christmas.

I did end up getting the day off, which ended up kick starting me into the gratitude frame of mind. This was the best thing for me at that time. Here is a small and incomplete list of the things that I am so incredibly thankful for this year.

~ Coworkers who were willing to work so I didn't have to.
~ My dad, for being a support, an amazing listener, a worthy priesthood holder, and an incredible example to me.
~ My mom, for her love, dedication and example of charity to everyone she meets.
~ My sister, for always being willing to be there and love us all, irregardless of the circumstances.
~ My brother for helping me to have fun with life and seeing that life is what we make of it.
~ My nephews and niece, for their magical hugs, fun energy, their child-like enthusiasm and so much more.
~ My other relatives who make being a part of a family so much fun and give an added measure of joy.
~ Knowing that I will be put in the best situations for me, when hard times come.
~ Doctors. I've seen a lot of them this year and even though much pain was endured, I am so much healthier now, than I was at the beginning of the year. Still have a bit to go.
~ Amazing friends, (Yes, I use the word amazing a lot), for being there, being supportive, helping me in innumerable ways, and the joy and laughter they've brought.
~ The gospel and knowing that the answers I need will come in the right time, which is not always my timing.
~ That families are forever and I can forever be with mine
~ The feeling and spirit of the Holidays. This year they seem to mean more to me than before.
~ Progress. Last year I was unable to even produce a note of singing during Christmas songs and such. This year, I can get a word or two out, I'm not there yet, but am getting better.
~ My patriarchal blessing. I'd lost it in my numerous moves this year, and when I finally read it again, the guidance I needed was right there.

There are so many other things that I could add, but that would take forever. This is just a glimpse of what makes me full of gratitude.