Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Running for Reasons

I started to love running as a missionary. We had time every morning to work out and running became my favorite. In the years since, I have tried and tried to make running a normal part of my life. After listening and talking to people about why I run, there are quite a few reason why I do it.

~  It melts the stress away.

~ It helps to get rid of negative emotions.

~ I get a feeling of accomplishment when I break a personal record.

~ For my health. (This does not mean to lose weight, but to keep my body healthy.)

~ To overcome trials in my path.

~ I love it!

~ It frees my mind.

~ Believe it or not, it helps my concentration.

~To Raise Awaresness

Let me explain. One of the reasons I am running right now is to show myself, others and the condition gastroparesis, that I have power over my condition and it will not and cannot prevent me from doing anything that I put my mind to. The ultimate goal (at this point) is to run a half marathon later this year. I will be wearing green (the color of gastroparesis) and am trying to come up with a clever saying to put on me about showing this. (Suggestions are Welcome Please!) This has not been without trials. There are days when I plan on going running, but end up with a flare-up and cannot. I have to watch my health closely. I need to make sure I am staying hydrated and that I am eating and keeping enough calories to support the run. It has been a huge learning experience, and I am so grateful.

In years past, as I have attempted to train, my health would stop me. This year, I have overcome the stops and barriers and am a little over halfway to my goal, which is the best I have done. I am so excited to accomplish this goal and overcome something, that at times, is hard to control.

This is why I run!