Monday, August 10, 2015

My New Addition

There is something different about me. It is actually pretty obvious to tell when you see me. I have a new addition.

As you may have read earlier, I have been training for a half marathon. My goal was 10-11 miles on Saturday. About six miles in my foot was causing some major pain. I was still 4 miles from my car, so I kept going though I walked and sat a lot. 

The pain was not as intense as that moment, but it was still not good both Saturday and Sunday. I went to Instacare and they referred me to a Sports Medicine Clinic. After talking with the doctor there, he booted me and is treating me for a stress fracture. I will be in the boot for four weeks. If I can't get the hang of walking in the boot, the doctor said crutches may be helpful.

I'm kind of bummed. After prepping, training and feeling like I was finally going to be able to reach my goal for a half marathon, it will not be happening this time. Especially because the half marathon I signed up for is 2 weeks away. There will always be other races and other opportunities. 

It kind of stinks but this will be a new adventure, :)