Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just What I Needed!!!

My last post painted a picture of frustration and discouragement, with glimpses of hope. I am happy to report that things have gotten better since that post. That is not to say there still aren't problems and issues, because there are, but they don't seem to affect me that much.

The past two weeks have been especially crazy for me. Between work, my calling, getting a small (I emphasize small) cold, and trying to stay afloat, among other things, I have been exhausted. This past week was especially crazy and by the end, I was ready to escape and run away. I did just that. I spent some time in one of my most favorite places with some of my most favorite people.

Friday night consisted of the Pumpkin Walk up in Logan. I have gone to this for the past four years or more and have never been disappointed. This year was no exception. There were so many clever displays from animals, to Inside Out, to Studio C, to Looney Tunes.

Of course, I had to get a picture of my favorite character Taz. That was followed by focaccia bread. It was fun!

Saturday, I spent a good portion of the day with an amazing friend her kiddos. We talked and played. She and I started working on a puzzle (yeah, we're party animals like that) and got quite a bit done before I had to change clothes and head to a Halloween party. Before I left, she convinced me to stay the night.

I went to the party where I got to see some important, fun and incredible people. It was fun! Being around these people made me miss the friendships and supports I have in Logan. I began to feel like I was home once again. Then, I found out the primary program for my old home ward was the next day.

Sunday, I went to the program and it was so nice and really great. It was good to see the kiddos that I babysat while I was living up there. I miss those kids. They gave me hugs and talked with me.

Some days, a lot of days, I miss my life in Logan. There were tough times, but I had the most amazing support system and friends there. They are wonderful. Moving was hard but it was necessary for my personal growth. I know I am where I need to be and am becoming a better person. I am building friendships here that are such strengths to me. That has been a major blessing. Yet, I am so blessed that on weekends when I want to run away or need a break, I can go to Logan and know that the friends I have there, will still be my friends!!!

This weekend was just what I needed. It was probably on of my favorite weekends in a while. Thanks everyone!!!