Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Night of Excellence

The past couple of weeks have been plain crazy and busy. A lot of it had to do with our Night of Excellence that we had last night. We had two of our young women help plan and prepare for it, as a value project for them. So here is a break down of what we did.

THEME: Spiritual Gifts

SCRIPTURE: Doctrine & Covenants 46:10-11

INVITATIONS: Invitation was folded up in cardstock to look like a gift and a bow was placed on top of them. 

DECORATIONS: Gifts throughout the room, with a Christmas Tree decorated with some lights and bulbs. There was also some greenery and lights in other places. Projects were displayed by the young women of things they had accomplished this year. Photos from Girls Camp and other activities were placed around the room. It look amazing. There was a wrapped gift in each of the value colors with the name of the value on it. 

PROGRAM: We started with the standard opening: opening hymn, prayer and theme. The girls then did a presentation of the values. Because we have a smaller group, each girl had the opportunity to participate. The each gave a 2-minute talk about a specific value and then after their talked placed the value gift under the tree. After that, we had two of our girls speak. Both of them had finished their Personal Progress this year (one a couple hours prior to the meeting) and they did an amazing job. Our young women and leaders then did a musical number. After the hymn, a member of our bishopric gave a talk. After him, I (the Personal Progress Leader) spoke. We then watched a slide show that one of the girls had put together from camp (which was a project for her). The Bishop made some closing remarks and we presented the girls with some cute ornaments and pictures that were taken of them during camp. 

REFRESHMENTS: Each leader made a favorite Christmas treat. The girls said that they were going to go into a sugar coma. It was really good. We had truffles, brownies, rice crispy gingerbread men, cookies with holiday candies and more. To drink we had ice water and homemade hot chocolate with whip cream, sprinkles and a peppermint stick.

After writing all of this, I can see why I am so tired now. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the place, but it looked amazing! Our girls are amazing and they can turn a rather rough day into a special day. They have a way to make you feel loved and special. These girls are the future and from what I can tell, the future is going to be amazing!