Monday, September 15, 2008

Logan Weekend!

It was so exciting to be able to travel again this weekend. I know it seems like there is always something new and fun every weekend. It has seemed that way for the past couple weekends. This one was no exception. On Friday night I spent the evening with my mom. We went out to dinner and played games because it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! On Saturday morning, I took off for Logan to go see friends and to go to the temple there. It was so much fun seeing my friend Katie and her roomates and also my friend Jenny and her husband Zach. I spent the night at Jenny's new house which is way fun. They just bought it and are doing some great stuff with it.
On Saturday, Iwas able to go to the Logan temple by myself. I loved it. It was so nice to be there and to even be on the grounds of the temple. I did not know where I was going, but a nice girl in the session helped me out and was so nice to help me.
I want to thank everyone who helped make this weekend so much fun. You are all such great friends and I am so lucky to have you there. I had so much fun this weekend and look forward to spending more time in Logan, hopefully, in October.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"T" Time

The letter "T" stands for so many different things that are wonderful: tacos, tulips, trees, etc. However this "T" that I am mentioning is by far my favorite one. On Saturday I had the opportunity to spend some time in the Idaho Falls Temple. I love to be in there. It makes me so happy and ready to face whatever comes in the days and moments after. My friend, Katie, went through for the first time and it was great to be there for that. I miss the temple and wish that I could go more often. That was at 10 a.m. After that it was off for a quick lunch in Idaho Falls. Then, we returned to the Temple. This time, it was with my ward to do Baptisms for the dead. That was a neat experience and I was so excited to be able to participate in that. There was such a special spirit there. I was able to receive some answers that I really needed and wanted, plus I felt like I was literally in the Lord's hands. It was amazing. Following baptisms, we went to the cafeteria of the temple for dinner. That is always great. Since then, I have been in a good mood and nothing has really gotten me down. What a blessing it is to have temples on the earth. I can't wait to go again. Next week, in Logan.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Labor Day weekend, a time to lay back, relax, and enjoy the end of summer. I was excited to take advantage of a three day weekend to help me get back into the groove of school. My weekend was spent with two of my old co-workers from the daycare. We took a road trip to Boise. We were all able to spend time with our families. On Sunday, we went to church in a Spanish Branch. Fue muy divertido! (It was very fun). I miss going to church in Spanish. I have not attended church in Spanish since the mission in 2006. The church is the same but I love spending time around the Hispanic people and the meeting was amazing. On Monday, we stopped by sister's house. I had so much fun talking to her. It was a great trip full of fun, food, and family. Thank you to everyone involved for making it a great weekend.