Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons Learned

That's right folks, it is now time for another episode of Lessons Learned, brought to you by me! Ha Ha. So get comfortable and grab a snack and a notepad, because these are good!

~New cars drive great!
~Good conversations with a friend teaches you tons about them and yourself!
~The more similarities you find with people, you find out that there really are types of people and you are a type.
~Everyone needs to have a cat. (This was taught by a 3-year old boy).
~If you do not have a cat, then said 3-year old boy will pretend to be your cat.
~Little kids bring excitement to life.
~Give kids candy and they'll like you!
~Guitar Hero is intense. Not so good at it, but it was my first time.
~Insurance hunting is no bueno. Just need to go and get it done.
~Talking with someone on the phone about good stuff makes me happy :)
~When cleaning a car, you tend to get dirty. Kind of ironic, right?
~Even an old car can feel nice when clean.
~Throwing a Frisbee takes skills that I don't have, at least not yet.
~Zumba is super-fun
~The day after Zumba, you will be super-dehydrated so carry water with you wherever you go. Seriously!
~Good co-workers are great to have! It makes work more fun!
~A job can be considered amazing when you can eat a Caramel Cob and do your job at the same time and not be looked at as a slacker but more as Quality Assurance. (So Sweet!!!)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Epically Amazing"

Yesterday was epically (my new made-up word) amazing!

Why, you ask. Well, let me share some parts of this day.

I spent the morning in the temple and received some great answers and guidance, as well as learned a very powerful lesson on the strength of women in their own unique ways.

I bought a car today! It was a little nerve racking, to say the least. Thanks to my friend Sheila who helped me throughout the process. It is a great car and I am super-excited!!! It was great to see everything fall into place with the car and it just worked out so well, that I know it was a good choice.

As a thank-you, Sheila and I went to lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe. I know what some of you are thinking. "You can't eat pizza Whitney." Well, you're right, but there is a lot more than pizza there. They have pastas and sauces, dessert pizzas, cheese sticks, and more. Basically it was my one and only meal of the day because we ate so much.

Tonight we were blessed with the opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar. He was in town and did a Q&A fireside for the YSA. It was so great and there is so much to think about now. There was a lot of talk about faith requiring actions, agency, the strength of the Lord, and the Atonement. It is amazing how much was fit into a short two-hour period.

Thanks to everyone involved in the epically amazing day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Activities & Ancestors

This has been a pretty epic week! Basically, it was amazing!!! Here are some of the highlights.

- My good friends Andrea and Robert got married on Tuesday and I was able to attend the sealing and the picnic afterwards. It was such a neat experience and they are so perfect for each other. :D

- I tried Huckleberry Pie for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it!

- Went to a board meeting for the Literacy Center.

- Celebrated National Chocolate Chip Day, with lots of amazing chocolate chip treats.

- Got a free sample of a new flavor of product at work and it is FABULOUS!! (I don't do the production, I work the office end of the spectrum).

- Made mint brownies

- Went to dinner with two good friends.

- The temple is opened again, so I got to go back to work there. It was sooooo good to be back! :D

- Got shaved ice from a little Mexican place that was super good!

- Went for a walk on the River Trail.

- Received a calling as the Literacy Specialist in my ward.

- Had a potluck with some good friends!

Tons of Fun!!!

On a more serious note, yesterday I was encouraged to learn more about my heritage. This is something that I know little bits about but never taken the time to learn. Today, I spent some time reading some of the histories that I had been given. It was really neat. One of my relatives was the first mayor of Logan. Another relative crossed the plains in a group with very little water and took it to the Lord. With his help, she was able to find the needed water. Some of my relatives traveled with the Willard Richards Handcart Company and traveled through Martin's Cove. I remember hearing of my dad and grandpa going up there but it never really hit me to study their story.

After reading through the papers I had, I felt a special feeling for one ancestor. Her name is Mary Jane Barnes. Her pioneer journey started when she was four days old. She traveled with the Martin Company in one of the companies that suffered the greatest losses. Her parents assisted in building the St. George Temple. I am not sure why I felt this connection to her, but I did. After her death, her children were looking over her personal things and found wrapped and labeled presents for each one of them, that were ready for Christmas.

What an inspirational woman and what an example of being prepared and thinking and putting others first.

Friday, August 5, 2011

An Equation of Sorts

What do you get when you have:


Chocolate Overload


A HUGE Thunder & Lightning Storm

I'll give you some time to ponder that. Insert Final Jeopardy music here.


Times Up!

Did you get it?

The answer is:
One tired girl who could not sleep because of the storm and fried nerves, as well a chocolate overdose, who is trying to fight the after affects of all of that.

Here's hoping it works.