Sunday, September 4, 2016

Operation Top of Utah Half Marathon

Over ten years ago, I developed a love for running. I never thought of as more than a great way to exercise. Then I moved to Logan.

While I was living in Logan, I began to feel a need to run. I also was surrounded with more people who ran and they were amazing people and examples to me. I remember going to support my friends who were running a half marathon and seeing the excitement on the faces of those finishing and thinking that I might want to do that some day.

Then I got a job where my boss was a runner. She told me about a half marathon that took place in Logan. That combined to things that I love. I decided that I couldn't do a half but would settle for a 5K or a 10K. After leaving Logan, my desire to run a half marathon had grown, so much so, that I knew I wanted and needed to do it. The rest is history. 

I participated in the Top of Utah Half Marathon last weekend!

Here is a short play-by-play of that weekend:


-Left work early to make it to Logan for packet pickup and to keep to the place where I would be staying so I could take it easy and prepare for the race.

-Arrived in Logan and picked up my packet. I got a cool new shirt. 

-Arrived where I was staying (thanks to my amazing friends) and they took me out on a drive to see the course. I remember thinking along the way, "This is where I will hit my wall" or "I might actually survive if I make it to this point". Overall, I was excited because it was a beautiful course.

-Went back to the house, made a pasta dinner.

-While prepping my clothes, pinning on my bib, and making final preparations, we turned on Newsies and watched that. 

-Made sure I had everything set out and ready to go and then headed to bed.


-Woke up at 4:45 and started getting dressed and making sure I had everything I was going to need. I packed my cheese sandwich (breakfast) and headed to the meeting location.

-Arrive for a school bus shuttle to the starting line of the canyon. Found a friend there who was running the half too. We shuttled up to the start and waited there for an hour or so before the race started. During that time I ate my breakfast.

-We began lining up at the start line and waited for the gun to go off. With that, the half marathon had started.

-I kept a pretty steady pace for the first 6 miles or so. Then I began to pick up a little speed, but tried to keep a steady pace. I remember passing the landmarks and being amazed with how quick time was going and how I wasn't tired or hadn't stopped running yet. I didn't die where I said I would or anything. In fact, I ran the first 10.5 miles of the race without stopping.

-The last Aid Station was at mile 11. After that, I assumed it was going to be easy sailing. I was wrong. About a half mile or so later, I realized that I probably should have stopped at that aid station, but I didn't and wasn't about to turn back. I tried to keep going, but it got hard. At one point, I remember being down on one knee, wondering if I was going to be able to finish at all. In that moment, I offered up a prayer, giving gratitude for the help I had received and asking to help me to finish.

- After that the miracle happened and I was able to get up and keep moving. I could see the finish line and knew I could do it. As I drew closer, I knew I wanted to finish running, so I started running. I met up with friends at first who were cheering me on and then my parents. That last little bit, I didn't feel winded or tired, I just knew I was about to accomplish my goal!

-As soon as I ended, they put the medal around my neck and I took a little detour before I met up with my parents and friends. I am so grateful for their support and for the chocolate milk. Yummy!!! We spent some time at the finish area, My foot started acting up, so I got it wrapped and iced. With that, the running of the half marathon was over.

-My parents were amazing and took me to a park to rest while I tried to recover. Once that happened, we went to lunch. After a quick stop, so I could change clothes, we went to a store for my mom (I ended up sitting most of the time) and then went to A&W for dessert. 

-They took me back to my car and they were on their way. Back at my friends' place, they offered to buy me dinner to celebrate. We ended up getting Olive Garden and ice cream. 

-By this point, I was exhausted. I spent the rest of that evening on the couch resting. Although, I did take a bath to help my sore body.


- I'll keep this one short. I went to church and sat around most the day because I was soooo sore. I did get to visit with my friends and some others friends who stopped by. I arrived back to my place around 9:15 and was so ready to sleep. 

It was a long weekend but a great one!!!! I completed a half marathon! :D

There were pictures taken during the race. I am still trying to figure out how to get those. Once I do, I will try to post more. :)