Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspired and Blessed

Hello Friends! Hope you are all doing just fabulous! Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking (which is miraculous in and of itself because my brain has not been working so great). There are so many things that have happened over the past year and the blessings that have come from those are incredible. I entered this weekend with a resolve to be more grateful for all that I have and to be more positive, even when things are not going how they should or how I want them to.

This weekend was Stake Conference and it was great! The Saturday night session proved amazing, as usual. There were talks about overcoming trials, clinging to covenants, being prepared and more. The music was phenomenal. It made me excited for the Sunday session.

The Sunday session was a Regional Broadcast and we were blessed to hear from Elder Jensen, Sister Wixom, Elder Anderson, & President Monson. Each of their talks struck a different chord with me and helped me to realize how abundantly I have been blessed, but that there is still so much more to do. I could write about the whole experience, but felt that some of what I learned was very personal for me. Let's just say it was a GREAT Stake Conference.

Sunday night, my stake had a fireside. A man from the Ivory Coast spoke about his conversion and story. He was amazing and strong with his testimony. It was incredible the power you felt as he testified and shared his stories of how he found the church, came to the United States, and received answers to others prayers that literally saved his families lives. The way he acted upon the promptings he received after humble and sincere prayer, showed his courage, trust and faith.

The night finished up watching a movie about the Saints in Africa. Their faith is awe inspiring. I would have to check, but pretty sure I said "Wow!" over twenty times. They went ahead with worshipping and with faith, even though there was no formal organization when they began learning about the church. They were strong and devout to what they had learned through the scriptures and other literature that church provided. Once they were officially organized they continued with the same strength and conviction.

They (the saints on the movie and the speaker at the fireside)have inspired me to be better and more faithful in keeping the commandments and my covenants. Also, showed me that I really need to be appreciative for what I know, what I have, and the way that gospel came into my life. They are so humble, but so strong and faithful. What powerful example!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Friday

Friday was my favorite day of this week (thus far because the week isn't over, but it will be hard to beat.)You see, it has been 5 months since I have seen my sister and her family. They were at my parents' house this weekend and I was able to take a day off and spend some time with them. Here are some of the highlights.

~Getting niece and nephews hugs and cuddles.
~Taking pictures
~Visiting with my Grandma.
~Helping my dad fix doors (with a table saw and all).
~Good Food!
~Rough housing, dog piling and tickling.
~Playing at Brooklyn's Playground.
~Good company.

After all the fun, it was sooo hard to come back. However, I needed to be back and get some sleep.

Sometimes it is so hard to to live far away from them. My brother wasn't able to come down either. It has been so long since all of us were all together. With the holidays coming up, hopefully we will all be able to spend more time with each other.

Love my family tons!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cowgirl Up!

HOWDY! A couple of years ago, while filling my car with gas, I began to small talk with another man (in his forties or fifties) about little things. While I was washing my windows, waiting for my car to be filled, he asked me a really random question. He asked “Are you a Cowgirl?”

I was a little confused and told him no. He continued to tell me that I sound like a cowgirl and I was dressed like a cowgirl. Please note that I was wearing a sweater and jeans that day. I have never been told I sound like one, so I began to think what cowgirls sound like.

Another incident occurred when on a date over a year ago. It was a blind date. When the guy found out that I was from Idaho, he got really excited. He immediately asked me if I was a rancher. After I told him no, he continued to ask if my parents were ranchers. After responding no to this question, he was a bit dumbfounded. I explained that we lived in a city in Idaho. He was so confused. Then he said this: “Then your grandparents must be ranchers!” Wow! My Grandpa did work on a Potato Farm for a while, but honestly, he was not a rancher. He was a railroader. This guy was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Let’s fast forward to this morning. Since getting this job, I haven’t really had a need to wear long pants to work, where it is a casual work environment, where I may need to help on the production floor, and where the weather has been great. This morning was chilly and I didn't see it warming up. I put on some jeans, a shirt, a zip up hoodie, and a pair of black shoes. Not sure why, but my co-worker came up and asked me if I was trying to be all cowgirl like today. Ha Ha Ha. I laughed. He thought I was wearing boots and the jeans probably threw him off. As I walked to the shipping department, I was literally laughing as all of these memories rushed my head.

When I pictures cowgirls, this is what I picture:

That’s not me.

Maybe this is a sign that I was meant to be a cowgirl. I decided to do a little research on what it takes to be a cowgirl.

Dress like one ~ Apparently I have that one down, even though I don’t think I do. I don’t own the cowgirl hat or boots.

Know lots about horses ~ I know some things about them, but not a ton. Plus, I have never really been horseback riding. We went once when I was a kid, but someone guided the horse the whole time. If that counts, then I have been elephant back riding too.

Attend Rodeos ~ Though I from a place where the DNCFR comes yearly, I have never been to a rodeo.

Listen to Country and Rock Music ~ This one is fine. I do listen to Country music sometimes, but not so much rock. Hhhmmm

Work on a Ranch and learn about cattle ~ Lots of room for improvement on this one. Seriously!

Enjoy being outdoors, working with animals and keeping a quintessential American way of life alive. ~ I love being outside, not so much with the animals, but the American way of life is always great!

It appears that I don’t have what it takes to be a cowgirl. Ha Ha. Oh well, a girl can dream right? Or, I can always wait for more people to proclaim me a cowgirl even though it is not true. Happy Trails Y’all!