Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goals & Awareness

Recently, I liked a page on Facebook about Gastroparesis. It is so interesting to hear about all of the other experiences that people are having and to see how far I have come since my initial diagnosis. One thing that has become evident is that there is not enough known about this condition and there is such a need for a cure or methods to deal with this condition. So many people have it a lot worse than I do. 

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post. One day, someone posted something about a GP Awareness Walk day and I was immediately intrigued. You see, I have made a bucket list of things to do before my next birthday and run a 10K is on that list. The thoughts began to flow. I want to do this! I want to raise awareness! I want to meet my goal! So, I followed the link.

Here is what I found.

It is set for Sunday, October 21st. That doesn't work so well for me so I would like to do this on Saturday, October 20th. I have mentioned my idea to a few friends here and there are some people interested in doing this walk/run with me. Right now I am just brainstorming and tossing ideas around to see if this is something that is possible. It would be neat to do this with some of my amazing friends and family 

There are so many thoughts in my head about this that it could end up being pretty fun. You don't have to live near here to participate. You can do this from wherever you live or wherever you happen to be on that day. If you do live close, we could get a group together and do it all together. 

 According to a schedule I checked, there are no other runs or walks that day, that I am aware of. Though I am not sure of details, but those could all get figured out but it would be awesome to find more people than me to do this. Any thoughts??? I would love some feedback on this.