Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hello again! I know it's been a while. Almost a month. It's been a crazy month at that. Let's just say it has been a month of adapting, changes, growth, discovery, adventure, and learning.


Living in a new place is hard, but I am adapting to the place, the new house, the new job and new lifestyle. It still seems strange to me not to have mutual on Tuesday night or the temple on Saturday mornings. It has been interesting to adjust to being gone over 10 hours on weekdays. It's still going to take some getting used to.


Over the past month, I have changed a few things. The most important is my attitude. Instead of not wanting to be where I am, I decided that I am going to be happy with it. I have seen changes within myself in a month, which is crazy. I am also still making some changes to make life a little better everyday. Fingers are crossed.


I have grown in ways that seem strange to me. I have grown to enjoy yard work. There is something relaxing about pulling weeds. I have seen growth in friendships and in my relationship with my self. One of the biggest growths that I have seen is in trusting the feelings that come and doing what they say. There have been so many experiences I have had because of this growth.


Living in a new place allows me to discover my surroundings. I have become pretty good at finding my way around and following directions (such as street directions and such). I have discovered that once I have been somewhere once, I can usually get there on my own the next time. Usually. There are exceptions. I have also discovered new places and am excited to keep discovering new things!


There have been some fun adventures and some not as fun ones since moving here. Truth be told, right now I feel like each new day is a new adventure to live out. I am so grateful for the people who have been a part of these adventures with me. I don't want to share them all (it would bore you), but they range from fairs, to bad traffic, to splash pads, and more. I like to look for the adventure wherever I am.


I have learned so much, especially about myself and who I am. This also relates to some of the changes I want to make. I have learned to pay attention to how I am feeling and make sure I take care of myself. This is huge because I try to act all strong and warrior like when I may not be feeling the greatest. The other day, I had battled an awful headache and low energy all day. I came home and instead of doing what I had said I would, I rested and took time for myself. By the time I went to bed that night, the headache was gone. It was amazing! I have learned new things through work, my lovely roommates, and personal studies. 

The month of September will be crazy. No doubt about that. However, I am excited to see what all happens. :)