Friday, September 30, 2011

A Bittersweet State.....

Oh, what a bittersweet announcement this is. I can no longer be identified as an Idaho Driver based on my car. I guess that comes with the territory of buying a new car in a different State. Yesterday it became official. I now have a new State's license plates on my car. The funny part is that when I was choosing out which plates to get, they guy was describing to me what each of the plates looked like. He mentioned one looked similar to the Idaho ones. He really didn't need to go any further. Those were the ones I wanted at that point.

Not sure how I feel about it, but the new owner of my old car gave me my old plates back so technically, I still have Idaho plates.

That is all for now, but there is more to come.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am not sure where it came from or why it has happened, but I have a case of Reminiscing Fever. I thought that I would share some of those walks down memory lane with you. (Some of you may be involved in these stories so I hope you enjoy the walk down Memory Lane as well.

On Thursday, I was talking on the phone with a friend and some random memories came to mind. It was strange because they were ones from Elementary School (ions ago - or at least that's how it feels). In Kindergarten, we made these little phone books to practice writing our numbers. That was probably the first time a guy ever asked me for my phone number. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, my phone number had two of the same numbers together and people got confused. I remember thinking that I was not going to get confused when people had two numbers together in their phone number. Then one girl was giving me her number and it had the of the same number together, and it made me confused. Guess I didn't do so well with this one.

Another memory from early elementary days, was my keen fashion sense. Yes, that's right. I was a fashion diva. For those of you who didn't know me then, I am completely kidding on this one. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I wore matching sweatsuits to school constantly. When it warmed up, I would still wear the pant with t-shirts or find a pair of shorts and wear a dance shirt or something. Yup. I was the coolest.

I was also pretty random (some things don't change). I would get together with one friend and almost every time we were at her house we would dance to music and eat popcorn. The songs were not normal songs. I think they were songs like "Purple People Eater" and those types. i don't rightly recall. (Help me out Jenn!). Those were good times.

On some more serious notes, lately I have been thinking a lot about the past. Memories have flooded my brain of the mission and some of the experiences there. It seems like, no matter where I am at, something from the mission will pop up.

While sitting in Sunday School, on came to mind and wouldn't go away. This happened in my third area. I felt like I was a relatively new missionary and my companion was a new missionary too. We had been put into a new area and told to work. We had some good times together. However the one memory that keeps coming to mind is when we were teaching a man in his garage. We were have a good lesson and he was doing most of the teaching. Some people came from another religion and want to argue. We answered their questions and then tried to turn it around. Being newer missionaries, and not feeling a great command of the language, we did what we knew how to do and testified. I remember testifying and saying we are not here to argue but to teach. They left shortly after that and the mood and spirit completely changed. It was a great teaching moment of how peace brings the spirit.

Another mission memory came to my mind of a woman in that same area who was trying to give up coffee. When we presented her with the commitment to keep the Word of Wisdom, we were a little nervous. Her response amazed us. She said something about how she gave up coffee and alcohol when she was pregnant because she loved her kids, and she loved the Lord even more, so she would give this up for him.

This weekend, I was able to come home and spend some time with my padres and some friends. I was talking to a friend's brother. I met him when he was 8. In fact, one of my first memories of him was giving him Play-do on his birthday and both of us being all excited about it. As I talked with him yesterday, it was strange to see that he is all grown up and getting ready to serve a mission in Hawaii.

There are so many other memories I have, and I seem to be in the mood to explore memories, so help me out. If you have some fun memories of us, please remind me of those. I love walking down memory lane and I have so many good memories with people who read this. It would be fun to remember more. For those of you I didn't mention on here, if you leave me a comment with a memory, I will leave you a memory of you as well. Maybe this will cure the fever!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Somedays You've Gotta Vent!

My dad is amazing! This morning, I called him after a particularly frustrating situation. We ended up talking for 40 minutes or so. He not only listened, but gave me advice on that situation and some other situations in my life. Usually, I try to not to vent on the blog, but here are a few things that set me off.

~People getting in my face (literally). I hate contention and don't like being in those types of situations. Getting in my face will make a draw back and pay less attention to what you are saying. That is just what happens.

~It drives me nuts when people think that they can manage my life and health better than I can, and accuse me of doing the worst possible things for my body when they are the exact things that have helped me. I don't mind advice, I really don't, but when I say some things work and others don't, please believe me.

~When I say that I am healthier now, than I was in the beginning, excitement would be nice, instead of telling me that I am not healthy and the blood tests lie. Really, I didn't know those test could fabricate the truth. My nutrition levels, for the most part, have been balanced the past couple of times I have had them checked. That is healthy to me (or as healthy as I can be with a paralyzed stomach).

With that off my chest, thank you for allowing this vent session. Some times it helps to say what you feel. It doesn't help that I have been living in pain this week, with something like Impingement Syndrome in my shoulder. Pain always makes everything worse.
However, talking with my dad proved to be a great blessing. Another major blessing was running into an old Bishop who is a doctor and getting some help with the shoulder. One more blessing was an amazing fireside that has inspired me to focus on being a better disciple. Last night, I ran into a friend, who I always tend to see when she is in town. There is no denying that the Lord's hand is in my life and He is constantly aware of me and my needs. He knows my needs and efforts and will make up for my weaknesses and imperfections.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It All Happened in One CrAzY Week....

Once there was a girl who had a crazy week. It all started one Friday with a busy day at work. Once she got home, she planned to take it easy. She did just that, while having some fun with a friend to celebrate. They went to dinner and got frozen yogurt. It was amazing!
The next day started out super-early, at the temple. After the temple, she had been invited to this event called "The Rope Swing of Happiness". It was fun to watch and great to catch up with the people there. She began to get tired but decided to do some grocery shopping before going home. Shortly after getting home, some friends contacted her and they got together to do some stuff. They ended up doing some shopping and the girl found a dress she liked and was pleasantly surprised when the price of that dress was $10. Woo Hoo! Then it was time to rush home and prep for the BSU football game. She got together with some other friends to watch it. Good times and a good game!
Sunday proved to be just as busy. After church, she went to lunch at a friend's house, whom she hadn't talked with in a while. Then she met up with another friend, who needed to talk and vent. The rest of the day was spent with her.
Monday was a day of fun. A group of friends went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, which is quite amazing! They had a blast. The food and exhibits and company were all just Great!!!
Tuesday, work was a little too crazy. She ended up working late and was in need of a stress reliever when she got home. Her relief was going for a run and ended up going about 2 1/2 miles! :D Then she went for a drive with her newly married friend and they caught up with each others' lives.
Wednesday was still crazy-busy at work, and she even ended up working a little late again. However, she couldn't work too late because she had to go to a board meeting, where she was up for nomination to become a member of the board. The nomination was approved.
By Thursday, she had decided that work was going to be crazy, no matter what that week. After work she realized how completely worn out she was and skipped doing some things that she really should have or wanted to, so that she could rest.
Wow! She was tired. That Friday, she found herself hoping for a little bit of a less craziness for the upcoming week! Who knows what will happen.