Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Away: Part One

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to get away and I was not sure for how long or a lot of the details. After a really rough week, it became necessary. Here is my story on my run away. I have broken it into parts so you don't have one huge post to read all at once.


On the Wednesday of that week, some of my friends came over for a fabulous dinner. My roommate made some chicken and mashed potatoes, I made some yummy cheese garlic bread, one friend brought some corn and another friend brought brownies. So good!!!

These girls are the best. After eating a ton, we had some good conversation and watched "Letters to Juliet". That was a wonderful night.


I was struggling with the idea of leaving because I was worried that I was running away from life. However, I accomplished a lot including packing for a trip that I had no clue on how long it would last. That evening, a good friend came over and brought me garlic cheese bread ingredients and ice cream. Also, I was able to get a blessing. I do not remember much of what was said, but the feeling of peace overcame me and I know that I am a Daughter of God. Some other friends came over too. We played Disney Scene It! It was a great evening as well. I did not get pictures of this because my camera was packed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Report

This is my report back from the last post.

My life is pretty boring. I totally failed at posting Christmas details and apologize for that. If I had my camera with me, I would post about that right now with pictures, but instead I will just briefly tell you.

This year for Christmas, I spent it with me family in Pocatello. My friend Andrea came and joined us for the festivities. Here are just some of the activities that we did over the holiday. We ate tons, looked at lights, delivered secret Christmas gifts and other gifts too, ate some food, watched movies, opened presents, visited with family, played with the niece and nephews, and ate some more. Those were some good times.

Now, on to the update on my life right now and how I am doing on my to-do list. I thought I had figured out the type of job I was going to look for and started looking and preparing for jobs in that area. However, shortly after I made the decision, I got an interview at another place, not in that field. Ha Ha. I have been doing better about finding joy everyday and being happy about whatever is happening in my life. The journal writing is going well. My visiting teaching companion and the girls we visit have set a goal to write daily and are checking in with each other on that, which helps. The last one of focusing on others, for me, goes right along with finding joy in the journey.

Right now, I am sitting in Pocatello. I came home over the weekend to be there when a good friend went through the temple. I loved being at the temple and spending time with her and others. I was also able to attend the blessing of my cousin's baby. What a neat experience that was. Basically, this weekend was FABULOUS!!!