Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just a spoonful of medicine...

Okay, You got me. The song does not say a spoonful of medicine. It says a spoonful of sugar. However, the medicine is what is helping me more than the sugar. You see, I got sick again. I got hit with a flu virus. After going to the doctor, I was put on some major medicines trying to avoid the six weeks out, like last time. I am so grateful for this doctor.

I went in and he listened, he looked, and really tried to figure out the best solutions for me. He truly and genuinely cared about me as a person, and not just a patient. He wanted to make sure that I was feeling better before the holidays. He even had me go in the day before Thanksgiving and scoped my vocal cords. He gave me a new medication that day and really wanted me to check back in. He was thorough and explained everything that was happening. I could not appreciate him more.

I had very little appetite when I first got sick. Since taking all the meds, I can eat again and have a desire to. Miracles happen!!! So in my case all those spoonfuls of medicine have helped the food to go down. I am so grateful!!